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Franchise Training

A franchise is, by definition, a type of business owned by an organization that sells the right to use the brand name and sell its goods to local owners. The parent corporation then aids in every aspect of the business, in return for a combination of a flat fee from the local owners, plus fees based on profits or sales.

The franchisee is the one who purchases a franchise. The franchisee then runs a local unit of the purchased business. He or she is responsible for certain decisions, but many other decisions (such as the look, name, and products) are already determined by the franchisor and must be kept the same by the franchisee.

Why Partner Training?


Anywhere, anytime, any device

Partners are on-the-move and need to be able to access the latest training from anywhere, around the clock.

Tracking and reporting

 Progress can be tracked from an organizational and individual level, and external managers can see any reports they need.


Partner-focused features

Just because they’re not under your roof doesn’t mean partners shouldn’t take advantage of built-in capabilities such as Video Assessments for perfecting pitches or intro calls, and Boost for reinforcing key product knowledge.


eCommerce and self-registration

If you choose to charge partners for training, you can take advantage of built-in commerce features, as well as enable partners to enroll users themselves.


The mission of the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives is to certify and educate individuals & organizations to the highest standards. We are a leading resource to accelerate individual & organizational growth.

Providing applicable, forward-thinking education opportunities and facilitating a continuous improvement network of trusted colleagues enhances the professionalism of our membership and franchising as a whole.

Just another benefit of becoming part of this strong, knowledgeable, and growing community.

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